Vitebsk Duma Lists #belarus


Thank you to Max Preston for posting today the Duma Lists for Vitebsk and
surrounding locales. As you know, records for many of these places are few
and far between, so these offer promise of information otherwise unavailable
to researchers. Unfortunately, these lists won't help unless they are translated.
If there is anyone willing to take on the job of translating the Polotsk (1907)
lists, please let me know. I'm specifically interested in records for the families
RASKIN, FELDMAN and GUTKIN. Further, if others researching Polotsk records wish
to pool financial resources, perhaps we can collectively pay for the translation
of the entire Polotsk city. In either case, please get in touch directly at
lesliegut@.... Many thanks in advance.

Leslie Gut-Reiken
Zurich, Switzerland

Researching: SOLOMIANSKI, SALAMANSKY (Lida, Eisiskes - Lithuania and Belarus)
RASKIN, FELDMAN (Polotsk, Vitebsk - Belarus)

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