Re: Lemberg/Lwow/Lvov 1849/1853 Cadastral Map on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #austria-czech

Eli Brauner

In response to our indefatigable Pamela ...

The 1849 is a wonderful source for research. Our family dwelt at
Peltewna St. The map gave us the parcel number- 2277.

Using the parcel number a bulk of documents stored in the Tabula
register discovered many many details about the family day to day life.

The map also unrevealed where the family soap factory was located
in the house yard.

The map gives us a good picture of the many synagogues in the area.

On the south-western corner of Theodore's Square, one can see the Jacob
Glanzer. It was built in 1841-1844.

The other synagogues visible in the cadastral map in that area are
the Beit Midrash of the Suburb (to the southeast of Jakub Glanzer)
and the Great Synagogue of the Suburb (further to the southeast).
The Temple is located to the east of this group, on the eastern side
of Zolkwier Haupt Strasse.

Knowing the prayer places one can look if there exist documents about
the congregation.

So thank you Gesher Galicia and hurray to Jay Osborn.

Eli Brauner
Association for the Commemoration of Lwow Jewish Heritage - ACLS

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Pamela Weisberger <> wrote (Thu, 17 Jul 2014) ...

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the first cadastral map of
Lemberg/Lwow/Lvov to be posted in our Cadastral Map Room:
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