Re: Lemberg/Lwow/Lviv 1849/1853 Cadastral Map on the Gesher Galicia Map Room #galicia

Igor Holyboroda

Some remark:

1. At present Lviv citadel is not a ruin but in a respectively good
condition, only one smaller tower was ruined. In the other Maximilian
towers there are hotel and stocks of Lviv sci library (Stefanyk
library); one tower was restored but at the moment is not in use. In
the central fortified barracks there is a bank.

2. For sure the citadel may have not been shown on the map for the
security reasons. At the same time the map was created in 1849. At
that time the construction of citadel was only planned (after the
"Spring of Nations" rebellion) or it was just started. So probably
there was only the construction cite at that place.

Igor Holyboroda,

Pamela Weisberger <> wrote (17 Jul 2014):
"- the Citadelle, today an archive and prominent military ruin above the
city on a hill SSW of the town center, curiously blank of buildings and
roads on the map; perhaps it was mapped on a separate sheet now lost,
or perhaps it was blank for reasons of military security."

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