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Sharon Korn <s.r.korn@...>

Although I have tried to thank all of them individually, I would like to
publicly thank all the people who reached out to help with my question about
my ancestor (actually, my great-grandfather) with multiple names: Beni,
Bendet, Berel, and Benjamin. I appreciate the emails >from David, Chuck,
Sally, Irene, Janette, Yehudh, and Rashi, and I hope I haven't omitted

I am still puzzled by the situation. According to the records at Mt. Zion
Cemetery, where three of his children were buried, Beni is listed as the
father's Hebrew name for one and Bendet for two. Beni is apparently a
nickname and not a Hebrew name, and I have been told by members of this
group that Bendet wasn't really Hebrew but was related to the Latin Benedict
and Hebrew Baruch.

This raises further questions regarding the naming of Bendet's grandson, my
father. Why would the name Benjamin have been forbidden, so that his
parents quickly changed it after initially giving him that name? Was there
an Ashkenazic or Litvak prohibition against giving a child a name similar to
that of a living ancestor, even though it was not really the same name?
Could the Hebrew name actually have been Benyamin, even though it was not a
direct translation of Bendet? My children have Hebrew and American names
that do not correspond, but I can't assume that would have been the case
with immigrants more than a hundred years ago.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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