locating Canadian Jewish obituaries #general

John Diener

Moshe Schaeffer wrote looking for assistance in locating an obituary for
a Harold Hirsch who lived in Toronto, and for whom he could find no
records after 1989. I was able to locate the obit in less that two minutes,
and it might be helpful to others to explain how it was done.
There is a website called multiculturalcanada.ca which has digitized
copies of many Canadian ethnic papers. I used their search engine and
tried the name Harold Hirsch. That resulted in 677 hits, basically any
page that had the words Harold and Hirsch on it. I then tried again, using
Harold Hirsch 1989, which narrowed it down to 7 results. On one of them was
an advertisement >from one of the two major Jewish funeral providers,
Benjamins Park Memorial, in Toronto, listing his death. >from there, I went
right to funeral home's website at http://www.benjaminsparkmemorialchapel.ca/
Using their search tool, I entered the name Hirsch, and the obituary was there.
John Diener Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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