Litvak SIG Records Acquisition for April, May, June, 2014 #general

Howard Margol

Following is a list of records, in the Lithuanian Archives, that were
translated by Litvak SIG during the months of April, May, and June,
2014.It will be 18 months before these records will be added to the
JewishGen Lithuania and the Litvak SIG ALD databases.

The records are available now on the appropriate Litvak SIG District
website. District members are able to see the records, copy them if
they wish, sort alphabetically, etc.

To become a member of a district, and gain access to the records, a $100
contribution to Litvak SIG is required. That is per district.
In other words, if you are interested in two districts, a $200 contribution
is required. That is an extremely low cost to obtain thousands of records.

To contribute, go to
Scroll down to District Research and select the district of your choice.

The only exception to the list of records is the Vilnius vital records.

The marriage, divorce, and death records for 1919-1940 have been
translated but will not be added to the Vilnius web site until the
Vilnius DRG can pay for the records. Unfortunately, the Vilnius
research group does not have the necessary funds to do this.You can help
by making a contribution specified for the Vilnius District. As the
contributions are received, vital records will be released and added
to the Vilnius District web site.

Vilnius Internal Passport Project web site.

This is an entirely different project >from the Vilnius DRG and requires
a separate $100 contribution to Litvak SIG. So far, 13,554 records have
been translated and are available on the web site. It is estimated that
30,000 internal passport records remain to be translated and contributions
are sorely needed in order to get this done.

A large percentage of those listed as having a Lithuanian internal
passport originally came to Vilnius >from Belarus or Poland. If you
have any indication that your ancestors went to Vilnius, it may pay off
for you to become a member of the Vilnius internal passport project.

Please do your part and send your contribution today.

Howard Margol
Litvak SIG Coordinator for Records Acquisition
Coordinator - Internal Passport Project

Kaunas draftee list- registered in 1940 - born in 1919 1,640 lines
Panevezys Craftsmen 1852-1865- KRA/559/1/10 - 215 lines (includes
family names & other Uyezds).
Panevezys Craftsmen List Only - 1852-1866- KRA/559/1/12 - 13 lines
(includes other Uyezds).
Panevezys Craftsmen 1865-1866- KRA/559/1/17 - 162 lines (includes
family names & other Uyezds).
Panevezys Uyezd Craftsmen List Only - 1854-1893- KRA/559/1/14 - 379
lines (includes other Uyezds).
Panevezys Uyezd Craftsmen List Only - 1867-1890- KRA/559/1/13 - 9 lines
(includes other Uyezds).
Pasvalys (Panevezys) Craftsmen 1876-1887 69 lines
Birzai (Panevezys) Craftsmen 1870-1886 59 lines
Kaunas Uyezd Craftsmen 1868-1882 28 lines
Panevezys Uyezd Craftsmen 1867-1886 195 lines
Panevezys Craftsmen 1867-1886 40 lines
Zarasai District - 1913 army reservists KRA/I-6/1/18 80 lines

Pandelys (Zarasai) 1909-1915 postal bank records 73 lines
Vidzi (Zarasai) 1893 pib I-208/1/2 1,313 lines.
Krekenava (Panevezy) 1894-1914, postal bank records-103 lines.
Pakruojis (Panevezys) 1900-07, postal bank records 38 lines.
Linkuva (Panevezys) 1892-1914,postal bank records 189 lines
Braslav (Zarasai) 1846 Candle Tax Payers 44 lines
Kamajai (Zarasai) 1846 - Candle Tax Payers 36 lines
Pandelys (Zarasai) 1846 Candle Tax Payers 54 lines.
Rokiskis (Zarasai) 1846 Candle Tax Payers 42 lines
Joniskelis (Panevezys) 1892 box taxpayers KRA/I-49/1/17524 -146
Panevezys District 1851 mrchl KRA/I-49/1-106/1-88 6 lines
Pumpenai (Panevezys) 1892 box taxpayers KRA/I-49/1/17524 160 lines
District farmers - 1860 KRA/I-49/1/4346 Siauliai Uyezd (51 lines),
Ukmerge Uyezd (18 lines) and Telsiai Uyezd (2 lines) a total of
71 lines
Pumpenai (Panevezys) 1914, municipal electors,KRA/I-49/1/32570 108 lines
Ramygala (Panevezys) 1912-1913, municipal electors Family list- 196
Vabalninkas (Panevezys) 1894-1895, rabbi electors 458 lines.
Pandelys (Zarasai) 1912-1913 municipal electors Family list
105 lines
Salakas (Zarasai) 1913 candle taxpayers KRA/I-211/1/72 165 lines
Dukstas (Zarasai) 1914 candle taxpayers KRA/I-211/1/73 78 lines
Tauragnai (Zarasai) 1912 candle taxpayers KRA/I-211/1/73 70 lines
Zarasai - 1846 tpl-utp - KRA/I-49/1/1620 98 lines.
Kamajai (Zarasai) 1846 tpl-utp KRA/I-49/1/1620 36 lines
Pandelys (Zarasai) 1846 tpl-utp KRA/I-49/1/1620 124 lines
Pasvalys (Panevezys) 1897 rabbi electors KRA/I-49/1/19639-114 lines
Pumpenai (Panevezys) 1876 alphabetical index for RL KRA/I-215/1/
2 611 lines
Ramygala (Panevezys) 1897 Rabbi's Asst Electors KRA/I-49/1/19747 -108 lines

Sejny District (Suwalki) - 1915 eviction lists 3,642 lines
Ostryna (Lida) Marriages 1897 - (>from DL) 17 records
Vilnius suburbs conscript list - 1882-1885 1,094 lines
Jews under surveillance for Political Reasons Russian Empire
1904-1905 The list is divided by countries: - Belarus 878 lines;
Latvia 57 lines; Lithuania 226 lines; Poland 510 lines; Russia
69 lines;
Ukraine 546 lines. (Belarus, JRI-Poland, Ukraine were sent the
Jews who paid for seats in Pilviaskiai (Suwalki - Marijampole District)
Synagogue 1912 -29 lines
Rozhanka (Lida) 1834 RL 282 lines
Ostryna (Lida) 1834 RL 583 lines
Shchuchyn (Lida) 1834 RL-ARL - 414 lines.
Belitsa (Lida) 1834 RL-ARL 693 lines
Knisinas (Knyszn) 1871 marriages (728/1/1124) 17 records sent
to JRI-Poland
Vilnius Deaths 1940 (>from DL) 534 records.
Vilnius Marriages 1940 (>from DL) 236 records
Volozhin (Oshmiany) 1834 RL 723 lines
Sudargi (Suwalki) Religious Tax Payees 1866 LVIA/1073/1/494
177 lines.
Vilkaviskis (area) (Suwalki) 1865-1866 Religious Tax Payees
LVIA/1073/1/526 1,056 lines
Kalvarija (area) (Suwalki) 1865 Religious Tax Payees LVIA/1073/
1/529 1073 lines
Zapy1kis (area) (Suwalki) 1866 Religious Tax Payees LVIA/1073/1/539 -
95 lines
Marijampole district 1862-1866 Religious Tax Payees (1073/1/457) 407
Kalvarija district 1847-1851 Religious Tax Payees (1073/1/449) 27 lines.
Vilnius Deaths 1877 1,226 records
Miroslaw (Suwalki) Marriages 1888-1904 27 records
Vilnius Deaths 1885 - 1061 records
Vilnius Deaths 1917 428 records
Vilnius Deaths 1918 239 records
Vilnius Deaths 1934 729 records
Vilnius 1922 deaths 854 records
Muskininkai (Vilnius) Birth records 1854-1872 149 records
Muskininkai (Vilnius) Marriage records 1854-1872 31 records
Muskininkai (Vilnius) Death records 1854-1875 198 records
Oshmiany District RL 1858 (LVIA/515/25/181) 26 lines.

WWII evacuees to the USSR 1941 R8558- R9680 -1,714 lines
Seinai Uyezd Conscripts 1923-1940 J10186-J10205 79 lines
Lazdijai (Seinai) Conscipts 1923-1938 J10206-J10248 163 lines
Emigration EretzIsrael (Part 9) AZ1595-AZ1869 - 426 lines

Vilnius JU27951-JU28353 815 records
Vilnius JU28354-JU28844 953 records
Vilnius JU28845-JU29242 740 records
Alove (Alytus Uyezd) JU29243-JU29278 Fond 399 List Only 40 lines

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