Re: Polish names - Juljan/Julian #general

Alexander Sharon

Amit Naor wrote:

I have information about a relative (actually my grandfather's uncle)
whose name was Juljan/Julian. I couldn't find any record about him up
to now. This doesn't seem like a Jewish name. Can anyone tell if there
was a Jewish name popularly used with that name?
Julian, Polish pron.[yoo lian] is not a Jewish name. Julian and the
related name Julius have been adopted by Jews >from Latin to allow
the entry into non-Jewish society or workplace.

There is no relation to any known Yiddish name, people just adopted
Gentile name because they like it, or perhaps name started on the
same letter as their Yiddish name (such as Juda). BTW, a diminutive
form of Polish Julian is Julek [yoo leck]

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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