Record in Lithuanian State Historical Archives #general

Sharon Korn <s.r.korn@...>

After writing to this group twice recently with questions about my
great-grandfather's name, I was lucky enough to find a record I believe is
for him in the All Lithuania Database. I think I saw this record in the
past when searching for the family, but I didn't make the connection. The
person named in the record was buried in Telsiai, but his children were born
in and immigrated >from Gargzdai, so I thought he had to be a different
person with the same name. When my great-grandmother immigrated as a widow
the year after the death, the manifest said she was born and last resided in
Telschie (same city as Telsiai), but I thought the reference was to the
uyezd, even though the manifest called for the city to be listed. I should
not have assumed!

I have contacted the Lithuanian State Historical Archives and intend to send
payment (58 litas or 18 euros) for the record. In 2013, someone posted a
suggestion to this discussion group that money should be sent through
Western Union online. I have checked the website, and they still send money
to Lithuania. I don't know whether I will get any information other than
what is in ALD, but the cost seems reasonable for a foreign record, so I am
willing to give it a try.

Thank you again to all the people who helped me with my questions.

Sharon Korn
San Diego, CA

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