Re: Help requested - death certificate for an infant #general

Alan Steinfeld

Have you found a birth certificate for the child? If the child
was stillborn, that is never lived, it is possible that a birth
certificate was never issued so a death certificate may also
never have been issued.

Another possibility is that the death certificate has a different
first name. Since you know the date and borough of death you
could browse the microfilm of deaths for that date looking for a

Alan Steinfeld
Scarsdale, NY

On Aug 2, 2014, at 4:09 PM, "Lisabeth G Dashman lisa.dashman@"
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Hello, Genners,
It has always been my understanding that a death certificate is
needed in order for a body to be transported to a cemetery. In
fact, several cemeteries have confirmed this fact. With that in
mind, I have spent a lot of time searching for a death certificate
for the infant born to my grandfather Isidor Gisser and his wife
Dora. The family story is that the child was stillborn, and that
it and Dora died more or less together.

I have a copy of Dora's death certificate: she died 29 September
1918 at Lebanon Hospital (Bronx, NY) of "Pneumonia of both lungs"
and the contributory cause of "Pregnancy and Labor." (Lebanon
Hospital merged with Bronx Hospital in 1962, and states they do not
have records that old.) She is buried at "Old" Mount Carmel Cemetery,
as is my grandfather. So is the infant (under the name Gesser),
buried on 27 September 1918. The cemetery has the location of the
grave, but neither they nor the burial society (Workmen's Circle)
have any other records.

I have searched different ways online for a death certificate
listing, and have tried to reach the NYS Health Dept. for information.
I would welcome your help on how to find this death certificate.

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