The British WOLFSON Family #general

Amit N


I am requesting help in affirming a family story I have no other evidence
regarding it, but this story.

The basis of this story is a wedding of apparently a cousin of my
great-grandmother, to a member of the British WOLFSON family in Manchester.
The surname of this girl was probably GOLDSZTAJN (perhaps appears as GOLDSTEIN
if anglicized), and her family was based in Kutno, Poland. I don't have
further information - I don't know the girl's first name or the name of her
father. I don't know which member of the WOLFSON family was that. I only know
this last name and the mention of the famous WOLFSON family, specifically >from

The story adds some poetical elements such as that this WOLFSON passed in
Kutno in a train, saw the girl and immediately fell in love with her, or the
fact that her father attending the marriage was probably the first man in the
family to visit UK, but all of that is of course just fun additions.

I believe the time frame for this story is somewhere between 1900-1930, more
probably 1910-1930's. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find anything that fits
my knowledge in the JewishGen UK Database.

So, practically, my question is whether any of you genners, might know
anything about a British WOLFSON boy marrying a Polish girl? Can anyone perhaps
direct me to a family tree of the famous WOLFSON family? I would very much
appreciate any information or advice regarding where to look, and maybe with
any luck, I would be able to locate some relatives as well.

Thank you in advance,
Amit Naor

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