ViewMate translation request - Polish #general

Dave Strausfeld <davestra@...>

Fellow travelers and hitchhikers,

I would be grateful for a translation of a document that's on Viewmate. The
document, in Polish, is a page >from the Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom
of Poland on which there is information about a little town called Blotnia
which lies about 25 km southeast of Peremyshlyany. Someone was quite kind to
give me a partial translation but I am hopeful of obtaining additional
information about the town.

I definitely don't need a literal translation. What I am hoping for is a
summary of the information, and I'm especially interested in the geography of
the place (what it looked like), the population statistics, and anything about

The document is on Viewmate at this address:

Thank you very much.

Dave Strausfeld
Durham, NC, USA

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via email.

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