Do archives of the Forverts from 1923 exist online? (Or off?) #general


My great-grandfather Leo WERTHEIM, according to several cousins, owned
or ran a Yiddish theater in Brooklyn. But no one can remember which
one or any details.

I have found ads in the Brooklyn Standard Union >from Nov-Dec 1922 in
which he advertised "Theatre wanted in Brooklyn, with 1000-1500 seats,
location suitable for Jewish theatre and good transportation

I'm assuming that he was able to secure a place in early 1923, and
that he would have advertised the new theater in the Forverts. So that
would seem to be the next place for me to look.

Thus my question: I have not been able to find anyplace online (or,
for that matter, offline) with archives of the Forverts >from the

Any suggestions?

Personal replies will be summarized for the list.

Andrew Greene
Newton MA

MODERATOR NOTE: The "Forverts" to which Andrew refers would be the
Jewish Daily Forward.

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