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A. E. Jordan

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From: Moishe Miller

... find out if Moses had any KORN siblings, either here or in Europe. I
thought that the legal separation might be an angle.

Legal separations like divorce papers would be considered confidential
and sealed records at the court (I believe). When I looked for a
divorce >from the 1930s in Brooklyn all I was able to see was the court
calendar which showed the date for the hearing and I was actually able
to see that the husband was a no show. But I could not see any of the
court papers or any details of the divorce.

Moishe wants to know if the person might have had more relatives. Have
you tried looking to see if the person had an estate or probate record?
This would exist if he died owning property or other valuables. He
did not have to have a will to have a probate case. If he died with
valuable assets but no property it would be what is called an
administration in the court's terms.

The index for Brooklyn estates is on line at the LDS site You can go specifically to that file by using their
catalog which shows the individual files and since the Brooklyn index
is finished you can actually search it or you can browse the index
cards that were microfilmed. However only the early files were
microfilmed so the later ones require you to go to the record room at
the Court House of Adams Street in person. You give them the file
number and they retrieve it >from the basement and you sit at a table
and you can read the whole file. They permit you to take pictures of
the pages with a cell phone or tablet computer or their is a coin
operated copy machine. (No cameras however permitted in the court

If there is a will he might very well have mentioned family members in
Europe or siblings or such any where in the world.

I do these types of court house research for people as well.

Allan Jordan

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