Re: Donating Family Books to Libraries, Archives #general

Harvey Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

I donated a copy of a family history to Leo Baeck and the Library of
Congress some years ago. Without permission, Leo Baeck digitized the
book and put it on the web. I now understand that to remove it >from
the web, I must write them and request removal. Library of Congress
donation policy indicates it may be digitized. Consider the amount of
personal information on living people before you donate a book that
may appear on the web without your express permission.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA

ABELES, Lochovice, Czech Republic; KOHNER/KLAUBER, Vseruby Czech Republic
and Budapest; THIEBEN, Rousinov okres Rakovnik, Czech Republic;
BLOOMGARDEN, Kybartai, Lithuania

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