Tracing my grandfathers family in grodno from1922(his birth) and 1941. #general

Thea Faizey <tafaizey@...>

My mothers name is Theadozia Sofia WILSON, nee BURNAS.
My grandfathers name was Stanislaw Josef Burnas, born nov 1922 in
Grodno to parents, Antoni Jerzy Burnas and Antonya Josefina Burnas,
nee SKIERS. Antoni was Roman Catholic and Antonya was Jewish, both
residents of Grodno I think.

Stanislaw was imprisoned in Siberia for about 18 months around
1941/42 according to some paperwork we found reference an art
exhibition he was doing in around 1959 in London, uk. Stanislaw was
in Siberia. Stanislaw joined polish army and navy around 1943 and
stayed until 1949.

I am having many problems with the BURNAS surname as it does not
seem to exist even though this is on his army/naval records and all
paperwork pertaining to his parents.

Any help or information on this matter would be gratefully received.

Mrs Thea Faizey,
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK

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