Re: Illegal to Bury Jews in Pittsburgh Proper? #general

Robert Zavos <rzavos@...>

Subject: Illegal to Bury Jews in Pittsburgh Proper?
From: Varda Meyers Epstein <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 20:15:50 -0400

A family member told me it was once illegal for Jews to be buried in
Pittsburgh and that this is currently a huge issue among Pittsburgh

I have studied Pittsburgh Jewish genealogy for over a dozen years and
personally inventoried dozens of Pittsburgh Jewish cemeteries for
JOWBR input and never heard or read anything that would support
either part of this statement.

The early Pittsburgh Jewish synagogues date >from the 1860s and were
located near the downtown commercial area at the intersection of the
three rivers which were lined with steel mills and other large
manufacturing plants. It was not affordable or appropriate for
cemeteries (major floods in 1889 and 1936). The rest of Allegheny
county is over 12 times the size of Pittsburgh and generally less than
10 miles away. This area had many more affordable and appropriate land
for cemeteries.

Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA
Pittsburgh JGS Board member and Webmaster

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