View Mate Translation Request - Russian Marriage/Pre-Nuptial/Birth Legitimization Record #general

Teven Laxer

I am seeking translation of what appears to be a rather unusual document which I
obtained at the Family History Center while I was in Salt Lake City for the IAJGS
Conference a few weeks ago. I received a very rough translation of the document,
which appears to be a record of the marriage between Szmul Luria Mariampolski, 24
years old, born in Lazdijai, son of Abram Uriasz (used to known as Mariampolski)
and Rochla Lewin, and of Dwora Ochron, 21 years old, born in Suwalki, daughter of
Eliasz Abramowicz (son of Abram) and Gela (daughter of Icek).

This document also appears to contain a pre-nuptial agreement, as well the
legitimization of two births that occurred prior to the marriage: Shayna, born
12/25 Apr 1876 and Uria, born 10/22 Sep 1877. The document is >from 1879 and is in
Russian using the Cyrillic alphabet. It is on ViewMate at the following address:
I would appreciate a full translation, if at all possible. Please respond via the
form provided in the ViewMate application. Thank you in advance for any assistance
you can provide.
Sacramento, CA
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