Nyasvizh (Nesvizh) research #belarus

Steve Stein

To all researchers interested in Nyasvizh, Belarus:

I have recently assumed responsibility for the KehilaLinks site for
Nyasvizh, and have made a couple of minor additions. And as research
coordinator, I also recently completed a project to get the 1816 Revision
List for Nyasvizh transcribed.

If you have or would like to see certain changes or additions to the
KehilaLinks site, please let me know.

If you have never corresponded with me on previous projects, please drop me
a line, as I would like to be able to correspond directly with Nyasvizh
researchers. I have already corresponded with many of you regarding the 1834
revision list, as well as miscellaneous inquiries over the past few years.

Thanks to Mike Meshenberg and Brad Lakritz who have both done outstanding
work on the KehilaLinks page.

I look forward to hearing >from you.

Steve Stein

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