Re: David LEVY, Lemberg c1866 - Help with parent name variations #general

Eva Lawrence

From: Chris Amos <chrisaaaaa@...>
I have an ancestor David LEVY, he was naturalized with his family in Manchester
UK in 1906. He gave parents as Abraham and Minnie LEVY (had children with these
names) and a place of birth as Lemberg Austria/Hungary.

With a bit of searching and googling I found a birth record in
"Lwow Wojewodztwo/Ukraine" on

David Feb 1865 Abraham LOW and Mindel ROPISCHITZ.

from googling I get the definite impression LOW is a German form of Levy and
girls called Mindel are sometimes know as Minnie.
You do need to see this a a lead and not just a definite addition to your
family tree. So you need to get more confirming details such as date of
birth of the child, compared with David Levy's age in the UK (does he
appear in any census? It would certainly be on his naturalisation
certificate) and try to find details of his immigration, again with date.
Personally, I'd be hopeful.

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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