My STEMPEL and HALBERSTAM families #general

Highman Heather

Hi all,
Please could you help me find the connection between my STEMPEL family and the
HALBERSTAM family. There is a lot on the HALBERSTAMS!

I know that Moshe STEMPEL married Golda HALBERSTAM, and they had two children,
Leibl and Shoshanah. I am in touch with them, although they couldn't tell me
how we are related.

My grandmother, Eda NEUMAN nee STEMPEL, survived WW2, and eventually went to
live and remarried in the USA, in Manhattan, together with my Aunt Renee.
When she visited us, she always spoke about visiting Antwerpen, and seeing
Franya. Subsequently, I found through Shorashim, that Franya's married name

Michael Hoffman, a fellow Genner and friend, put me in touch with that a lady
called Muriel SEMPEL, who worked at ORT, and another piece of the puzzle
fitted in, as her parents lived in ANTWERP and knew the MATNERS.

I have spoke,to Franya's son, and visited him and his wife, when I visited
Antwerp last year. He told me that my grandma Eda and Moshe's father Fievel
STEMPEL were first cousins!

I'm wanting to know the name of my great grandfather in all this please. They
lived in Kracow, although there is a strong connection with Zolinya, in
Galicia. My Grandma is listed to have been born there!

Her father is listed in my grandma's information >from the US Holocaust Museum,
as Schama STEMPEL, and his wife as Berta KURZ, I can only find a Samuel Josef
listed with Fievel's family as his son, and I need a brother. Fievel's father
was Izaak married to Marjem/Miiriam. I don't have her maiden name unfortunately.
I have looked on Family Finder.

Could some kind person help me please, to unravel this mystery, or point me in
the right direction?

Heather Highman,

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