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I am trying to trace the movements of Clare DYMENT who left Leipzig in 1935
for Palestine. I have records which suggest that she was in London in mid 1939.

Would there be any records between 1935 and 1939 in Palestine. I would like
to find out when and how she arrived in Palestine, where she resided when
there and when and how she left for London.
There are a few things to take into consideration. One being what her
Yiddish or Hebrew name would be and another would she be considered an
illegal immigrant and therefore stopped by the British >from entering.

IGRA is working on a number of databases that hopefully will be up in
the next year that might have information about her. There is also a
new website being developed only about illegal immigrants by the
heritage site at Atlit. Hopefully that will be up within the next year
too. I hear they have about 50,000 names.

A third possibility is in the Central Zionist Archives.

The Israel State Archives is closing down for their move to a
different location.

We will announce these as they become available but you can also
follow us on facebook or through our website. Registration is free.

In our collection on the internet at present I have found
Feiga Dimen in 1946
Zeldah Diment in 1939

Rose Feldman
Israel Genealogy Research Association

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