Re: Belarus Minsk/Grodno geography - help #belarus

Phyllis Kramer

Steve Stein asked for help finding 4 towns (Losza, Studyonka,
Krinitzoy, Shkoritz") around Mir, Belarus
I found at least one, and would like to share my methodology.

First I went to our community pages and found the latitude/longitude
for Mir: 5327/2628.
Then i went to the radius search on our JewishGen gazetteer at

I put in the coordinates for Mir and asked for towns within 20 miles
of it, beginning with the letter S.
Skorichi, Skorychi was 6 miles NNW of Mir. Likely a candidate.

Isnt JewishGen Wonderful!?!!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

MODERATOR NOTE: More JewishGen sources are available at the updated
Belarus website:

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