searching for Jerrold BIRD, Leeds, England #general

Toby Bird

Dear Genners,
I was recently contacted via my Ancestry Tree by a gentleman in
England who found the grave in the Plashet Jewish cemetery in east
London of my husband's uncle, Solomon Bird, who died at the age of 19
in 1917, an infantryman during WWI. There was no headstone and he
arranged to have one placed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
He e-mailed me looking for surviving family members who he would
like to invite to the "consecration" which will take place soon. We
have alerted a London relative but have totally lost touch with the
family of another of Solomon's brothers, Charles, who lives in Leeds.
We are trying to reconnect with Jerrold Bird, married to Estelle.
Daughter - Jennifer. Jerrold had been a prominent commercial
photographer. Jerrold is probably between 75 and 80. He had a brother
Cyril who also lived in Leeds who is deceased. Cyril had four boys.
The oldest, Andrew Bird, we think relocated to New Zealand. Another
son's name is Steven Bird. Any help would be appreciated. Please send
any information to
Thank you, Toby Marmor Frutkoff Kaplan Bird

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