Research Advice - Abraham Mark DATZ #general

Lynne Schneider

I am hoping someone with more "how-to" knowledge than I have can help me
find a chink in one of my brick walls. This is a long post, please be patient
with me.

I am researching the history of Abraham Mark DATZ. I have a great deal of
information about him and his family: the names of his mother (Sarah MIZRACH
DATZ), his siblings (Fannie/[Freime], Albert, Louis/[Lazar] and Lena. I know
that Sarah and her children arrived in the US on October 27, 1903 on the
Zeeland and that they were going to Sarah's husband, Max (I have the

I have various Naturalization documents for the siblings. I know that they
came >from (Chrenova, Russia). I have various census reports beginning in
1905. I have Abraham's marriage certificate, photos of his headstone and two
different obits. I even have documentation showing that Sarah's sister,
Minnie/[Mattel] MIZRACH, came to live with her in 1914. I have Abraham's
father, Max DATZ's 1905 death certificate and I know that Max is buried at
the Hebrew Free Burial Association cemetery, Silver Lake, on Staten Island,
NY. Sarah MISRACH DATZ never remarried and I know she died on November 17,
1918 and she is buried at Mt. Judah Cemetery in Ridgewood, Queens, NY.

Abraham Mark DATZ was an artist of some renown (known in the art world as A.
Mark DATZ). He was married in 1919 to Rebecca FIENSILVER. Rebecca died in
November 1934 at Creedmore Hospital in Queens, NY and is buried at Mount
Richmond Cemetery on Staten Island, another cemetery operated and maintained
by HFBA. Creedmore was a hospital for psychiatric patients. Abraham married
again in December 1934 and his wife, Lillian, had one child, Israel/[Isidor]
Mortimer DATZ (known as I. Mortimer DATZ), born in February 1928 (draw your
own conclusions). I think I. Mortimer might still be living in Missouri and
would be about 90 now. I have written to him (snail mail and email - no
response). I hesitate to call him although, given his advanced age and the
fact that he did not respond to my initial letter. I did send the letter
again; again, no response.

I have anecdotal information >from my father, Nathaniel David DATZ, that he
and I. Mortimer were cousins and my father actually saved the 1969 obit >from
the NY Times - why would he do that if they were not related? Dad died
several years ago but he never did understand how they might have been related.

I have documentation showing that my paternal grandfather, Morris DATZ was a
witness to the Petition for Naturalization for Abraham's brother Louis and
Sarah's sister Minnie MIZRACH. Why would he do that if they were not somehow

To complicate matters even more, I have a couple of other DATZ families that
I just 'know' but cannot prove a relationship to: Nathan DATZ and Samuel DATZ
and their respective families. Grandpa Morris witnessed different documents
for several folks in these families and was the co-owner of the mattress
manufacturing business with Nathan. Why would he do that if they were not

Abraham Mark's (Max's son) headstone is inscribed "son of Israel Mordecai."
Max's death certificate states his father's name as Morris DATZ (by the way,
that is my paternal grandfather's name as well). Since the cemetery where
Max is buried is no longer active, but is still cared for by the HFBA, they
do have records and very kindly sent me the burial application that
confirmed that Sarah DATZ was Max's wife and that Max was a mattress worker
- the same occupation as my paternal grandfather and several other DATZes.
I am pretty sure that all these DATZ families are related cousins but have
no understanding of how to prove it since it must be Max's father (Morris
DATZ) and my paternal great grandfather whose name is Nachman DATZ, are
brothers who did not emigrate to the US.

So, what I am trying to prove is that Abraham Mark DATZ is somehow related
to me through a relationship between Max DATZ's father, Israel Mordecai,
and my paternal great grandfather Nachman DATZ. There is precious little
personal biographical information out there on Abraham Mark DATZ. I have
contacted two repositories of his papers and they only have his artistic
credits and his basic "I was born in Russia, I came to the US" information.
Nothing at all about his parents. Since Max's father did not come to the US,
I have no idea how to go about this. I am sincerely hoping that someone out
there can provide me with clues as to how to connect this DATZ family to

Thank you for taking the time to read this long story and for any advice


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