ViewMate Help with Russian Postcards #belarus

Carola Murray-Seegert

I have posted five Russian postcards in ViewMate for which I'd appreciate a
translation. They are part of a collection assembled in the early 1900s by
a teenaged girl who lived in Byerazino (˜Berezinâ?) in Yiddish -
Igumen district, Minsk gubernia). It's clear >from the images that this young
lady had a precocious interest in political and revolutionary themes; I would
dearly like to know what the printed captions and the hand-written messages say.

The postcards are on ViewMate at the following addresses >

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you SO much!

Carola Murray-Seegert, Ph.D.
Oberursel Germany
Coordinator Moskva KehilaLInk
Coordinator Byerazino-Pahost KehilaLink

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