Re: Research on Przystajn, Poland #general

Alexander Sharon

The town of Przystajn in Poland, 18 km west of Klobuck, does not
appear in the JewishGen Town Finder or in the Gazeteer. ...
Surnames of interest are GRYN (GRIN, GREEN) and WRACLAWSKI.
Town name appears in Jewishgen Gazetteer Przystajn 5053 1842,
136.6 miles SW of Warszawa, 5.9 miles NNE of Krzepice os

WROCLAWSKI is listed as the owner of the food store under
Przystajn in 1929 Poland Business Directory. There are also
numerous entries for Wroclawski under Krzepice in JRI-P database.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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