Re: Mt. Hebron cemetery, Queens, on-line info. #general

Barbara Sontz

Hello, Hanna -

The Mount Hebron Cemetery interment search is very flexible and useful.

First, search for the burial of one of your known family members. When
it is found, look at the location number. It is a series of letter and
number combinations separated by dashes. The first number is the
Block. The second is the Reference. You may also see the Society
listed. You can then use these to enter another search with no names
listed. The results should give you an alphabetized list of all
burials that meet those criteria. You should then be able to find
family members buried close by.

Bear in mind that, with some of the older burials, men and women may be
buried in the same block, but not in the same section.

Good luck!

Barbara Sontz
New York

Subject: Mt. Hebron cemetery, Queens, on-line info.
From: Hanna Grossman <hannakg@...>

I have found grave information on two cousins buried at Mt. Hebron,
thru Find A Grave. I have been unable to find out elsewhere if
these men were ever married and wonder whether it is possible,
on-line, to get more information on adjacent graves using the
section etc. numbers that Find A Grave gives, which might produce
evidence of wives or children.

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