Gravestone information needed from the Alter Judischer Friedhof-Frankfurt am Main #general

Karen Catania

Dear Jewish Gen,

I have been searching for my 2nd Great Grandmother's death for about
2 years now. Her maiden name was Gutel KATZ (KATZENSTEIN) born
December 20, 1829. Her married name was SCHOTT, first name she was
later called Julie or Julia.

I recently saw that on "Find A Grave" there was a Julie Schott who
died and was buried in the Alter Judischer Friedhof in Frankfurt am
Main. I would like to see a photo of this grave and know what it
says on the Headstone, and would also like to know if there is a way
to contact someone at the cemetery that may have more information on file.

This was the number on "Find A Grave" 127699872. If anyone can either
go there or find me someone who knows more, please contact me. I would
like to confirm that this was in fact her.

Thank you so much!

Karen Silver-Catania
Los Angeles, California

MODERATOR: Please communicate directly with Karen before visiting the
grave, so as to eliminate any duplication of effort.

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