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Hanna Grossman <hannakg@...>

A dozen people have very kindly answered my question and directed
me to the cemetery's searchable own site.

On this site I find that one of the brothers I am researching Irmin
(or Irwin) E. COHEN who died 9/26/1977 and is buried in section
81-5-10-20 has a woman, Arline Cohen, who died 1/28/1991, buried
next to him in section 81-5-10-21. It seems reasonable to think
that they were man and wife, but the ItalianGenealogical Group shows
no marriage for him, nor does any other source I can find.

So, I am reduced to hoping the gravestones provide more information
and that someone will be willing to look at these stones for me.
Section 81 is right along the Van Wyck if that helps.

Irmin's brother, Bertram is buried at 81-5-9--3 , without a woman
near him.

Their father Gus, and mother Bertha, are both buried in 81-5-PP11-1.
The section also has 9 other Cohens whom I cannot identify but who
may be related to Gus. Since it is Berta (b. ESSINGER) to whom I am
related, I am not concerned, unless they are young enough to be the
children of Irmin or Bertram.

If anyone can look at these stones and provide more information, I
will be grateful.

Hanna Grossman

MODERATOR: Please contact Hanna directly before venturing out to the
cemetery, to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

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