Granted guardianship of her own child? #general

Michael Gordy

On the Fulton History website, I found a newspaper entry >from 1918-19
pertaining to my GASTHALTER family. It's a legal notice stating
"Fannie Gasthalter, of Parksville [New York], was granted the
guardianship of Sallie Gasthalter. Sureties $1,000." Fannie (my
great-grandmother) was widowed in late 1915. One son was named
Solomon. He was later known as Sol (1905), but perhaps at age 13-14
he was known as Sallie? I know of no cousin named Sallie.

If this is her son Sol, why would she need to be granted guardianship?
Wouldn't a widowed mother automatically have that status?

Michael Gordy
Maryland, USA

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