Re: death in a military hospital in the late 1920s #general

Alexander Sharon

Ruth Naidia Woolf wrote:

I've just come across the reference to a Polish Jew who died
(of undisclosed causes) in a military hospital in 1924. The
name and location of the hospital was shown as Okregowisz,
Poznan (county or province). He was only 21 at the time of his
death. I'm assuming that he served (and was injured or fell
ill) during the First World War. He would have been only 15 in
1918, however, I know that historically, Polish Jews were
conscripted into the Russian Army as young as 12 (at least
during the 19th century).

Does anyone know anything about a military hospital in
Okregowisz? (I'm aware that the Jews of that town were rounded
up by the Germans in 1942 and either shot in the woods there or
deported to a concentration or death camp - most likely Treblinka.)

There is no place by such name (Okregowisz), most probably it has been
misspelled, perhaps [Okregowy sz(pital)]?

"Okregowy szpital wojskowy" translates as the Regional Military Hospital.
BTW, >from 1874, conscripts age for Russian Imperial Army was 21.

Alexander Sharon,
Calgary, AB

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