Re: Searching for missing Boston passenger records #general


Go to and click on Ship Descriptions, then, under
Index, click on F.
You can navigate down to see Furnessia.

If you try Massachusetts Arrivals on Ancestry, and search with no name,
no date, only on Furnessia you will see that the ship never came in to
Boston. If Morris LEVIN came to Boston it was not by ship, it was
probably by rail >from New York.

Your search should focus on New York.

David Rosen
Boston MA

On 11/23/2014 11:39 AM, Jane Lauren Alpert wrote:
My ancestor Morris LEVIN, >from Minsk, stated on his 1912 naturalization
papers that he arrived in Boston on Oct. 25, 1899, on a ship called the
Furnesia or Finesia, that sailed >from Liverpool on Oct. 11, 1899. I have
searched Steve Morse and Ancestry and have been unable to find a record
of any ship with a name resembling Furnesia or Finesia. Also, a page by
page search of the microfilms for ships sailing Liverpool-Boston in fall
1899 turned up no Russian immigrants resembling my ancestor.

Does anyone know of any other place I could search?

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