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Hello! I'm going to my first conference, and hoping to make the best use of my
time. I've been researching for several years, but still have many loose threads
and brick walls. I'm researching my grandmother's family in Belarus, specially
the MEIEROVITZ family of Smorgon, and the CEGIELNICKA/Zigelnitka/Tzgelnitka family
of Lida and Woronowa. The Meierovitz family may have owned a factory, My great
grandmother, Elka, had at least 4 sisters, Bashe (married named Rabinowitz),
Sara (married name Kac), Gimple and Devora. There was a brother named Nacham.
Parts of the family were in Minsk, Vilna, and Kovno. The parents were Eliezer
and Sheina.

I believe that Elka Meierovitz married my great grandfather Chaim (Hyman)
ZIGELNITKA (CEGIELNICKA) in Vilna in 1904 according to her naturalization
certificate. Their Americanized names were Ella/Elka and Hyman SIGEL/SIEGEL.

I am hoping that someone here might be related to the family, or have some
ideas about specific resources to utilize while at the IAGJS. I have been
unable to track down their marraige record on JewishGen, or the birth records
of their daughters Lillian (Leah) 1910, Rivka (dob around 1912) and
Macha (Mildred) around 1913, all born in Smorgon to the best of my knowledge.
Please contact me if you can help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

This is a great list.
Thank you for your help.
Laura Levy
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