Re: Options for proof of birth date #general

Lisa Lepore

Hi Trudy,

You could look for religious records, or school records.

Also, some of these people might have a delayed birth certificate, created
at some later date when the person needed a birth certificate, like for a
passport, or applying for social security.

The LDS has filmed the Chicago Delayed Births 1871-1948 index. It is not on
line, but you can read about it here
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

Other places may have similar records.

Sometimes the best you can do is just an estimate based on the records you

Mendon, MA

From: Trudy Barch cousintrudy@...

In the early 1900s in the USA most babies were born at home and did not
have a birth certificate. In lieu of no birth certificate which
secondary document would be best accepted for a birth date?

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