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A. E. Jordan

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From: Ira Martin Leviton
in the New York City area, he can obtain the date of death and the death
certificate number >from the N.Y.C. death indices in room 103 of the main branch of
New York Public Library

As mentioned in a posting yesterday, the New York City Death Index is in Room 119
at the New York Public Library at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue. It indexes deaths
to 1982 with only 1967 missing. It will give the name, the age, the date of death,
the borough, and the certificate number. It also notes if there were special
circumstances such as a medical examiner's investigation. The earlier years are on
microfilm and the later years in book form.

(By the by don't go to Room 103 -- that is microforms in the south west corner of
the building where you can find newspapers and telephone books. It's the opposite
end of the building >from the genealogy rooms --121 and 119 -- where you find
resources including the vital records index, census, city directories plus the
databases and other reference materials.

I do look ups for people when I am in Manhattan.

Allan Jordan

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