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Dave Strausfeld <davestra@...>

Dear Jewishgenners,

I've posted a document in Polish for which I would be grateful for a translation.
I only need a small amount translated. The document is a description of a town
called Narajow (today Narayev, Ukraine). The main thing I'm interested in knowing
are population figures: how many Jews lived in Narajow? how many Poles? how many
Ukrainians? If there is anything else specifically about Jews in Narajow (I doubt
there will be much), that would be nice to know too.

The document has 3 pages and it is on ViewMate at the following addresses.

p. 1:

p. 2:

p. 3:

These pages come >from the Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and
Other Slavik Countries.

Thank you very much.

David Strausfeld
Durham, NC, USA

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