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Ron Herrmann <ron_herrmann@...>

Micheline, Thanks for the information about the HERRMANN(s) and the KA
FKA(s). I think you have a mistake. Franz KAFKA's sister, Gabriel
e (Elie), married Karl HERRMANN. Felix HERRMANN is their child. I am not
aware of a Charles HERRMANN. Karl HERRMANN's brother is Paul and his father
is Leopold. Karl was a subject of many of Franz' writings, mainly
because of business dealings he had with Franz himself and also with Franz's
father who's name is Herrmann (first name). Can you imagine? Franz Kafka
is running a factory? Together with his brother-in-law? With 25 workers?
Actually, Karl HERRMANN did a favor for Herrmann KAFKA to try to settle Franz
into some business. Of course, that "experiment" was doomed and the
factory under Franz's management was total failure due to Franz's lack of
business skills and lack of interest in running a business. Also, the family
photographer who made almost all of the famous Franz KAFKA pictures is a
HERRMANN. I cannot tell if Karl HERRMANN and/or the photographer are
related to my HERRMANN family. My family tree is extensive and well
researched, but I have some holes in my family tree, so they may be still
related to my family tree.

Ron Herrmann, New Jersey, US
Researching Reichenbach, Rogowykamen (Eckstein), Spector,
Raizman >from Poland (Siedlce area) Researching Herrmann,
Robitschek, Abeles, Lowenstein, Loebl(Loewe), Mahler, Kafka
from Czech Republic (Prague and Saaz/Zatec areas)
From: "Micheline GUTMANN"
In case it can be useful to Ron HERMANN, we have in our
Belgian file the following family mentioned: Felix HERMANN born in Prague

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