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I am searching for the descendants of my father's oldest sister, Yochevet
BELINKOFF CHERNYAKOV, known as Julia in the US. She was born about 1873 in
Gomel, now Belarus, a fraternal twin to her brother Elya. She married
Nochim Lazar Chernyakov on 3/3/1896, and moved to the Ukraine. She
immigrated to the US in 1929, probably under another name, intimating a
second marriage in Europe. She died, probably in Philadelphia about 1939.

She had at least three children. The eldest was a daughter, born about
1897. She married, raised a family, and survived WWII. We had brief
correspondence with her after the war, but lost contact in the 1950s. It is
her descendants that I am seeking.

Her second child was a boy named Shmuel, Sam in the US, born about 1899, and
immigrated to the US, probably in 1913, at the age of 14. He lived in
Youngstown, Ohio, but disappeared in the 1920s. I have very little
information about him.

Her third child was a son named Yoel, Yale in the US, born about 1901, and
immigrated to the US in 1913 at the age of 12, probably with his brother.
He lived in Youngstown, Ohio, where he was widely known as a newspaper
vendor. He died in 1954, never married, and left no descendants. Both boys
went by the name Charnak in the US.

Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA

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