Vysotsky in Bobruisk #belarus

Linda Kelley

Our family genealogists believe that our Na'az Zvie/Girsh Berezkin, b.
about 1799, son of Noson, had a first wife who was related to Kalman
Wolf Wissotzky, the tea dealer. Girsh's sons were in the tea business,
and an article in an Israeli magazine mentions a marriage to a Mr.
Bereskin. The article implied that one of Kalman's daughters married a
Mr. Bereskin, but that doesn't fit with my Girsh and Freyda. Still,
it's a possible clue that someone in Kalman's family married a

The 1858 Revision List has Girsh married to Freyda, daughter of Dovid.
Freyda was born between 1800-9 and probably died before 1862. Her
father, Dovid, was probably born before about 1780-89.

Kalman Wolf Wissotzky lived 1824-1904. One of his sons was named David
GENI says Kalman's father was Yaakov, son of Rephoel, son of Aryeh.

Girsh and Freyda had at least the following children:
Nisan or Nathan Bereskin 1820
Yudka Berezkin 1834
Sarah or Khaya Sora Berezkin 1840
Itka Berezkin 1841
Aaron Bereskin 1848

Girsh's second wife was Fannie Chen. They had Meyer in 1862 and Adolf in

It's possible the Berezkins lived in Chernigov area of Ukraine before
they came to Bobruisk. There were Visotskys in Bobruisk in 1858:

VYSOTSKY Vulf, son of Mendel, age 30
VYSOTSKY Meylakh Mendel brother, possibly 21 in 1858
recruited in 1854
VYSOTSKY Tema, daughter of Evsey wife of Vulf, age 30

So Vulf was probably born about 1828, and Mendel was probably born before
Kalman, the tea dealer, was living in Moscow in 1858.

Does anyone have Dovid Vysotsky and his daughter, Freyda Vysotsky Berezkin?

Thank you very much!
Linda Wolfe Kelley
Portland, OR, USA
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