Re: Trakai Prison Records #general

Joel Ratner

Records of Russian prisoners do exist, albeit they are not necessarily
to be found at the Lithuanian Archives. Over the last several years,
I have developed an extensive collection of Russian language resources.
In this collection, I've got a set of some 100 books listing the names,
locations, infractions and date for those imprisoned in the Russian
Empire. The collection is incomplete, but I do have the records for
1901. For this particular year, an index is also provided.

A search of the alphabetical index for 1901 yielded the following
listing on p. 39:

BERKON, Abram-Leyba Kasrielev #25915

An index also exists for the 1900 conviction records and in this
index there are the following listings under the surname BERKON:

BERKON, Itsek-Berka-Berel Kasrielev (6 r) #565

BERKON, Motel Kasr. (2r) #24542
Joel Ratner

Subject: Trakai Prison Records?
From: John Wilkeson <>
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2014 13:57:21 -0700
Does anyone know if there is information on Trakai prison records
around 1901? My great great grandfather Abram Leyba Berkon was a
political prisoner and I am trying to trace down any info on him ...

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