Volunteer to transcribe Nesvizh Revision List from Cyrillic? #general

Steve Stein <steinsteve@...>

We now have digitized images of the 1816 Revision List (more than 100 pages)
for Nesvizh, Belarus. Since 1834, 1850 and 1873 are already online, this
would give us a complete set for the 19th century.

If you can read handwritten Cyrillic and are familiar with Revision Lists,
we could use your help. Please contact me and I will send you pages to
transcribe. I can supply the 1834 results as a "cheat sheet" if you would
like to compare your results to the later ones. Thanks in advance!

Steve Stein
Highland Park, NJ

(de facto Nesvizh research coordinator)

MODERATOR NOTE: This is part of the Nesvizh Jewish Records project on
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