Nasz Przeglad Project Updates #general


In lieu of the availability of 20th century Warszawa vital records,
Jewishgen's Warszawa Research Group has been indexing the death notices and
memorial service notices >from the Polish-language Jewish periodical Nasz
Przeglad ("Our Review"). Nasz Przeglad was a Polish-language Zionist
newspaper, published daily in Warszawa >from March 1923 until August 1939.

The vast majority of the death notices are for Warszawa residents. However,
there were also notices for people in other cities in Poland, as well as in
other countries. It is believed that the out-of-country notices were usually
for people whose original residence was Warszawa, or who had family living
in Warszawa at the time that the notice was published. Out-of-country
notices were published for people living in places such as the United
States, Palestine, Argentina and Canada.

The Database was recently updated by an additional 4000 records and the
database now covers the following years 1923-1927, 1929 -1938. We are
just missing 1928 and hopefully that will be added in 2015.

For more information on this database, go to The website has not
yet been updated to indicate the new years but it will happen soon.

The Nasz Przeglad database can be searched using Jewishgen's All Poland

Best of luck in your search.

Hadassah Lipsius
Kew Gardens Hills, NY, USA

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