Different maiden names #general

Bruce Katkin <bkatkin@...>

I have found what seems to be more children of my great grandfather in born
in Romania. I know my ggrandmother's maiden name was BERGMAN according to
marriage docs of their children in Canada. Two of the new finds list the
mother's maiden name as SCHACTER. I find it a remote possibility there would
be two different couples is Suceava with the same first names but one
different maiden name. Thoughts anyone? Interestingly enough my mother
was very good friends with a family named Schacter in Montreal but I don't
think there is a connection there.

Bruce Katkin

LACHS/GUTMANN: Suceava and Botosani, Romania: Berezdovtsy & Drohobycz, Ukraine.
SCHWARTZ, Botosani: BLUM Lemberg, Ukraine.
LEVINSON: Vilnius, Lithuania; Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine.
KATKIN: Krychaw, Mogilev district, Belarus and other various towns in
Mogilev district

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