Re: Yiddish/Hebrew first name confusion #general

Judith Singer

Hi - I can't help you with the Mordechai question, but I can tell you
that according to Boris Feldblyum's book, "Russian-Jewish Given
Names", Shebsel and Shepsel with an e in the first syllable were found
in the Lithuania / northern Belarus area. Shabsel and Shapsel with an
a in the first syllable were found in Volhynia and the Kovno region of
good luck -

Judith Singer

Subject: Yiddish/Hebrew first name confusion
From: Toby Bird <tobyannebird@...>
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2015 01:27:06 -0500

I know there have been many discussions on this discussion list before
of double names. I'd like your opinion on this particular pairing. My
husband's surname is BIRD and his father, Philip, was born and grew up
in England, but Philip's father Samuel and his father's three brothers
- Marcus, Max, and Solomon came to England >from somewhere in Russia.
It says so on census data. Years ago I took down information >from an
elderly relative - the names of family members and their relationships
to each other. She said one of the brothers, Solomon, had kept the
name VOGEL. I finally found a Solomon VOGEL in the 1901 British census
who is the right age (b.1869). He also immigrated >from Russia. Living
with him, his wife and children, is a Schepsel Vogel, listed as his
father, a widower. I thought I had found my husband's great
grandfather, but then yesterday, a grandson of Solomon's brother
Marcus e-mailed me the picture of a memorial card commemorating
Marcus' death. The Hebrew lists him as Mordechai bar Yosef. Can I
safely assume that Schepsel and Yosef are the same person? If not,
then I have the wrong Solomon Vogel. Also, does anyone know whether
the Yiddish name Schepsel is associated with a particular country in

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