Pogrom in Mlawa in 1922? #general

Beth Galleto

One of my distant relatives, unfortunately no longer with us, told me that her
father (Arye Leib Minc) was killed in a pogrom in 1922. My informant was born in
1920 and said she could remember this, although she was of course only a baby when
it happened. The family lived in Mlawa, Poland at the time. I have searched the
Internet and a few books for information about this and have found only that the
Jewish community of Mlawa suffered greatly during WWI. However, no mention is made
of an incident as late as 1922.

Can anyone give me more information about what this might be? Perhaps it occurred
in a village in the area of Mlawa?
Thank you for your help.
Beth Galleto
Greenbrae, Ca

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