Re: List of Students Attending Eitz Chaim Yeshiva in Poland, 1924-29 #hungary

André Günther

Hello Moishe,

use a tool, for example dropbox. You can then place a link to the document...

Regards Andre Guenther Bavaria
From: Moishe Miller moishe.miller@...
I have a list of students >from all over Europe (name, age, father's name and
hometown) that attended Eitz Chaim, a Yeshiva in Bobowa, Poland(associated with
the Bobover Chasidim) during 1924 -29. It is 24 pages long and is in Hebrew.It
contains over 800 names. Where is the best place to post it so all can reference
it? I can not get it to scan down to a small enough size to add to Viewmate.

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