Louis LEWANDOWSKI 1821-1894 Family Tree #general

Rene van Wijngaarden

Dear all,

I wonder if anybody knows about the children/ family tree of the
famous composer of liturgical music Louis "Lazarus" LEWANDOWSKI
His wife's name was Helen.

He was born in 1821 in Wreschen, Pozen, now Poland and died in 1894 in
Berlin and is buried together with his wife Helen in the Weissensee cemetery.

On his grave monument is inscribed:
"Liebe macht das Lied unsterblich" and also the text
"Unsere geliebten Eltern" which confirms the couple had children.

You can take a look at the grave monument at the website shown below:


( MOD: http://tinyurl.com/nqy2kvf )

Thanks for any help in this quest.

Rene van Wijngaarden

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