Boston, NY & Chicago wedding guests, DAVIS & LICHTENSTADTER wedding #general

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

Julia DAVIS (my husband's grandmother) wed Max LICHTENSTADTER at Tuxedo Hall
in NYC in June 1906.

Probably too much to hope that names >from the guest list are familiar to any

Harry PINKOFSKY - Boston
Uncle Harris __?__ - 27 Brook St, E Boston
Rose Fannie, Ida & Husbands - 27 Brooke St,
M/M Louis PINKOS - Cambridge, Mass
Celia (KRONBERG) & Walter EDELSTEIN - 11 Aberdeen St, Boston

M/M Isidor ROSENHOLZ - Bayard St - Boston or New York
M/M Louis ROSENHOLZ - Bayard St - Boston or New York
Gertrude ROSENHOLZ - Bayard St - Boston or New York

M/M B KRIEGER - 24 W 112 St, NYC
M/M Frank ROSEN - Hoffman Court, 3rd Av & 9th st.

Manuel, Lou, Delia KRAMER - 352 E 51 St, Manhattan, NY
M/M Meyer MIRSKY - 51 W 116 St, Manhattan, NY
Joe, Lena, Rose GOODMAN - 157 W 111 St, Manhattan, NY
Minnie, Maurice, Joe GOODMAN - 1881 Lexington Av, Manhattan, NY
Mollie, Fanny, ?Frisky ROSENTHAL - 223 W 112 St, Manhattan, NY
Etta & Mollie DAVIS - 145 E 111 St, Manhattan, NY
M/M I GOLDBERG (nee Flora ROSEN) - 138 St/Lenox Ave

GOLDBERG Family - 3238 Calumet Av, Chicago

Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

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