Subject: BRENNER OR BRENER - What other surname could they have sailed under in 1880-1884 #general

William Rodman


You might also want to consider the surname Bronfenbrenner (distiller of
spirits, alcohol, etc. - think philanthropic Bronfman family of Seagram's fame,
who literally made their fortune producing liquor, perhaps with a little help
from Prohibition).
There's also the unfortunate possibility that your relatives could have sailed
under some completely different, unrelated name.

I have Brenner ancestors whom I discovered were formerly Bronfenbrenners.

Bill Rodman
New York, USA

On 2/2/2015 10:03 AM, David Allen Brener wrote:
Very frustrated. I pride myself in being able to find my people on immigration
lists. (Once found my LEVY family sailing under the name LAPSER into NYC in
1856.) But some of my BRENER and BRENNER relatives have stumped me.

Based on other arrivals I found, they probably came through Baltimore, but I
have checked all possible ports. Their first cities were in Pennsylvania:
Lancaster, Harrisburg and Reading.

Many sailed under the BRENNER/BRENER surname. Would be surprised if they did
not. Nevertheless, I am looking for other possible surnames they may have used.

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