Looking for Adam Katzeff or anyone with knowledge of Swedish Jewish Genealogy #general

Paula Blank

I am looking for Adam Katzeff who posted a while back on the Scandanavian SIG

My ancestor, Jacob JACOBSOHN (sp?) was born in Sweden between 1778-1799
He moved (I assume with his parents) to Jelgava, Latvia and had a child there
circa 1816.

I assume his grandfather was also Jacob. The family name stayed Jacobsohn >from
that point on. Jacob's father may have been Simon. Any ideas?

Paula Blank

researching: JACOBSOHN (Sweden/ Jelgava, Latvia); LEVINSOHN (Jelgava, Latvia);
FINESCHREIBER (Latvia/ Lithuania); NEVATZEN (Latvia); ROTH (Austria-Hungary);
LUKIN (Slutsk, Belarus); KOZLIN/ KASLIN (Slutsk, Belarus), KESSLER (USA);
GUTTZEIT (Blearus), LANGER (Nowy Sacz, Austria-Poland); PETERFREUND (Nowy Sacz,
Austria-Poland); GOLDSAND (Tarnow, Poland); HOLLANDER (Nowy Sacz, Austria-Poland);
PLATZER (Gorlice, Poland), PASAMANICK (Belarus); LEYT/LAIT (Nesvizh, Belarus)

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